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30th April An interlude about a hiatus
  Spanking the news ass with the fact paddle
  Episode Two - "Concerning Alan"

29th April The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night Time
  Doctor Who and the Return of Eleanor Bron
  Writing about not being able to write about anything
  Playing with the fact clit to maximise the newsgasm
  Where will the Twilight Kingdom come in my chart?

28th April Mr Hunt reviews an all time classic
  DWM 65
  The hunted become the hunters in Part Three
  My Big Finish chart debuts

27th April A postcard from Perth
  Season Five has arrived...
  I am moved

26th April The Three Timelords
  A postcard from Fremantle
  More daily drivel
  Countdown to the new series

25th April Si gets all soapy
  Jonno remembers the debut of Doctor Who?
  After 35 years, Paul Temple is back

24th April A postcard from Singapore
  I London
  'How endearing rattus rattus can be...'
  Simon Loves... 1989

23rd April Doctor Who and the Video Nasty
  Love in the room for 1988...
  ...and 2001
  Issue 63
  The end of the BBC boards
  The very last post on BBCi's boards

22nd April Episode Four
  Ernest has his say on BBCi
  Return of the Tomb of the Cybermen
  £60 worth of fun from a Virgin
  Mr Rayner loves 1987 (with original photo!!)

21st April Si begins the 6th Doctor's era... whether you like it or not.
  Love for 1999...
  ...and 1986

What noises are in YOUR car?

  DWM issue 62
  John Bradshaw Layfield
  Harry Potter and the Lucrative Franchise
  Mr Williams resigns from OG!!

20th April Episode Two - Pebelons Attack!
  A Fifth Doctor Encore
  Writing Some Wrongs
  The usual

19th April The Davison era comes to an end
  Andrew remembers seven years of fatherhood
  Susan Elizabeth Perkins
  More blogging

18th April Mr Hunt has rediscovered Big Finish
  I mustn’t write about the Mutants, I couldn’t even if I wanted to
  We have our first Pertwee Love...
  ...and our second
  Am I Annoying? updated

17th April Issue 61
  The Season Finale Factor
  My chum and his exciting life
  Things to interest your thumbs

16th April Planet of Fire
  We all lose with "Win Lose or Draw"
  Pimping the news ho twenty-four-seven

15th April The Daleks are back
  Albania are getting Timelash on video
  Some people are shits
  Part 6 of the History of Who

14th April Jonno Loves... 1981
  Ian Loves... 1967
  The New Place has a sense of humour
  Is "Eugene" Offensive?

13th April Pink Floyd 1967
  The Awakening
  Three more stops on Bus's script route
  IT bouncing email cats

12th April Warriors of the Deep
  Consuming the fact chocolate and smoothing the news foil
  Episode one of the anti-classic novella
  Darren loves... 1987
  Are you a people like us?

11th April Amazon Porn
  "Have I Got Two for Who" episode 3
  Whatever Happened to Kirsty?

10th April Girls on top!
  Si makes a damn good point because I get them too
  The 10th and final episode
  Scooby Two
  Lots of new ones - some disturbing

9th April The launch of Bus's script archive
  I Was A Teenage Second-Hand Book Dealer
  Love for 1990...
  ...and 1994
  The Five Doctors:SE

8th April Painting the fact clowns and enjoying the news tumbles
  Nathan Cooke loves 1966
  Easter eggs and Tesco
  Simon Hart loves 2001

7th April Shattering the news shell to get at the fact yoke
  Andrew loves 1979
  Another way to keep warm
  Steven loves 1995

6th April An Enlightening column
  Si Hunt on 1985
  Top Ten TV - Number 8
  Ant Williams on 2003
  DWM 60 with graphical treat

5th April The truth never stops and neither do we - 3 new gobbets of fact
  "The Power of Dole"
  A Minute With Troughton
  Terminus and art

4th April Christopher Eccleston IS... Jakey the Builder
  It's Better to Travel
  The Gween-Eyed Monster
  My blog has arrived

3rd April DWM 59
  Speed Dating - The New Masochism?
  Part 5 of the History of Who
  Making the Grade
  What is 'happy'?

2nd April


  Whatever Happened to the Brigadier (Part 1)
  The Golden Age of Grotesque

1st April

Ol Wurzel




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