An Introduction to the World of Captain Scarlet
  An Introduction to the Episode Guide
  Episode One - "The Mysterons"
  Episode Two - "Winged Assassin"
  Episode Three - "Big Ben Strikes Again"
  Episode Four - "Manhunt"
  Episode Five - "Avalanche"
  Episode Six - "White as Snow"
  Episode Seven - "The Trap"
  Episode Eight - "Operation Time"
  Episode Nine - "Spectrum Strikes Back"
  Episode Ten - "Special Assignment"
  Episode Eleven - "The Heart of New York"
  Episode Twelve – "Lunarville 7"
  Episode Thirteen - "Point 783"
  Episode Fourteen - "Model Spy"
  Episode Fifteen - "Seek and Destroy"
  Episode Sixteen - "Traitor"
  Episode Seventeen - "Renegade Rocket"
  Episode Eighteen - "Crater 101"
  Episode Nineteen - "Shadow of Fear"
  Episode Twenty - "Dangerous Rendezvous"
  Episode Twenty One - "Fire at Rig 15"
  Episode Twenty Two - "Treble Cross"
  Episode Twenty Three - "Flight 104"
  Episode Twenty Four - "Place of Angels"
  Episode Twenty Five - "Noose of Ice"
  Episode Twenty Six - "Expo 2068"
  Episode Twenty Seven - "The Launching"
  Episode Twenty Eight - "Codename Europa"
  Episode Twenty Nine - "Inferno"
  Episode Thirty - "Flight to Atlantica"
  Episode Thirty One - "Attack on Cloudbase"
  Episode Thirty Two - "The Inquisition"
  An Interview with Gary Files - the voice of Captain Magenta