"Only Fools" was a rare thing - a comedy series (made in the eighties) which was always funny. It grew dramatically too, producing some fine drama which was often achingly poignant. The key was having one writer who clearly loved to write it - there is a consistent history behind the series which binds together every little background detail, from Rodney's age and parentage to characters like the Trotter's Mum 'Joaney' and "Monkey" Harris, who are referred to in dozens of episodes down the years but never seen. And did you know that the first voice we ever hear in the Nags Head, somebody calling out "Hello Del!" just off-camera in the first episode, belonged to Tessa Peake-Jones, later a regular playing Del's wife Raquel? Funny that.

It's now tarnished through excessive re-running and an ill-advised comeback post the most perfect final episode of any comedy series ever. But behind the bits that everybody remembers - Del falling through the bar, the chandeliers, the one with the blow-up dolls - are seven series' (and a whole load of specials) charting some unique, touching characters, and too many genuinely funny and moving comedy moments to even recall on a single night of reminiscing.

I hope you enjoy trawling through them all, and discovering the real "Only Fools and Horses", with me.


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Episode One Big Brother [updated]
Episode Two Go West Young Man [updated]
Episode Three Cash and Curry [updated]
Episode Four The Second Time Around
Episode Five A Slow Bus to Chingford
Episode Six The Russians are Coming
Christmas Special Christmas Crackers
Episode Seven The Long Legs of the Law
Episode Eight Ashes to Ashes
Episode Nine A Losing Streak
Episode Ten No Greater Love...
Episode Eleven The Yellow Peril
Episode Twelve It Never Rains...
Episode Thirteen A Touch of Glass
Short Special Christmas Trees
Christmas Special Diamonds are for Heather
Episode Fourteen Homesick
Episode Fifteen Healthy Competition
Episode Sixteen Friday the 14th
Episode Seventeen Yesterday Never Comes
Episode Eighteen May the Force Be With You
Episode Nineteen Wanted
Episode Twenty Who's a Pretty Boy?
Christmas Special Thicker Than Water
Unbroadcast Episode Licensed to Drill
Episode Twenty One Happy Returns
Episode Twenty Two Strained Relations
Episode Twenty Three Hole in One
Episode Twenty Four It's Only Rock and Roll
Episode Twenty Five Sleeping Dogs Lie
Episode Twenty Six Watching the Girls Go By
Episode Twenty Seven As One Door Closes
Mini Episode White Mice
Christmas Special To Hull and Back
Episode Twenty Eight From Prussia with Love
Episode Twenty Nine The Miracle of Peckham
Episode Thirty The Longest Night
Episode Thirty One Tea for Three
Episode Thirty Two Video Nasty
Episode Thirty Three Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Christmas Special A Royal Flush
Christmas Special The Frog's Legacy
Christmas Special Dates
Special Royal Variety Performance
Episode Thirty Four Yuppy Love
Episode Thirty Five Danger UXD
Episode Thirty Six Chain Gang
Episode Thirty Seven The Unlucky Winner Is...
Episode Thirty Eight Sickness & Wealth
Episode Thirty Nine Little Problems
Christmas Special The Jolly Boys' Outing
Christmas Special Rodney Come Home
Special A Robin Flies at Dawn
Episode Forty The Sky's the Limit
Episode Forty One The Chance of a Lunchtime
Episode Forty Two Stage Fright
Episode Forty Three The Class of '62
Episode Forty Four He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle
Episode Forty Five Three Men, a Woman and a Baby
Christmas Special Miami Twice - The American Dream
Christmas Special Miami Twice - Oh To Be In England
Christmas Special Mother Nature’s Son
Christmas Special Fatal Extraction
Christmas Special Heroes and Villains
Christmas Special Modern Men
Christmas Special Time on Our Hands