Alex Parks

Alexandra Rebecca Parks was born on July 26th 1984, in Cornwall. She later trained in acrobats and 'clowning' (some people will do anything to avoid General Studies). At fourteen she began writing her own songs, as well as undertaking a cruise round the glorious isle of Lesbos. After winning a songwriting competition and joining a band called "One Trick Pony", her Dad sent in a demo tape to TV's "Fame Academy". But Alex had just been initiated into Clown Training College in Spain! A devastating choice was nigh.

Parks - work experience doesn't have to be dull

Thankfully for lovers of gravel-voiced urchins and light entertainment, Parks chose Fame Acad, and the rest is golden TV history. The little tyke won the entire competition with a cover of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful", a favourite in tiresome TV talent contests the world over, and beat Alistair Griffin.

Her own song, "Maybe That's What It Takes", had also been debutted on the show, and struck number 3 when released as a single. Meanwhile, her album "Introduction", a canny mix of covers and new tunes, eventually sold half a million copies - it seemed, finally, as if lovers of muff the world over, having been let down by Melanie Jayne Chisholm, at last had a proper "icon" who sold lots of records and everything. You would think!

The Dave Moffatt Years

Alexandra Rebecca then took 18 months off to make another album (Is that the Cloister Bell I can hear?), "Honesty", by which time fickle Dame Public had forgotten all about her ballad-ways and was rubbing her record-buying crotch against the likes of Shayne Ward and sneaky workhorse Lemar instead. A pity, as she'd roped in pop hasbeens Karen Poole, Marcella Detroit and Judie Tzuke to bring tunes "to the table".

"looking" for a hit - but the well was dry

To make things worse, the physical release of first single "Looking For Water" (possibly about the plight of an out of work plumber or someone with incontinence) was disastrously cancelled at the last minute, in favour of a download-only release (this in the days when they didn't even count for anything because people still liked their music on bits of plastic).

Alex prepares to take a new friend home to meet her Gran

Follow up single "Honesty" scraped Number 56, for shame. On February 8th 2006, Parks and label Polydor "parted" and she quite literally fled to Australia.

"Honesty" - Worthy but hitless

An Amazon review of "Honesty" reads "I really hope Alex gets a shot at another album", which I initially misread as "I really hope Alex gets shot". Phew, eh?

In December 2006, Parks for a "shakenstir" award for something or other - nothing against her, but it seems odd at this late stage. Parks spent time in Australia living in a hut without power, but is now apparently back in the UK fingering an EP. Lemar's probably beavering away on his fourth album by now, missy.

Parks - on the cover of a magazine

An alleged "retired press photographer" (he would be retired, it was all such a long time ago) offers these photos for sale:

Some really "professional" shots there.

The Sisterhood of Alex Parks - warning hetero blokes, there may not be "totty" for you here:

"straight bi or confused" are all welcome (it says).

This one's for Lissa