Climie Fisher

Billy Ocean and Frida backing vocalist and writer Simon Climie and "Naked Eyes" (a band who had enjoyed two Top 10 singles in America) keyboard player Rob Fisher met as session players at Abbey Road in 1986. They ended up at the bar berating the then-lack of decent songs in the charts. Climie was looking for a fellow writer, Fisher was looking for a singer to bring life to his keyboard riffs. The solution was suddenly obvious, and Climie Fisher were born!


A year later, the pair had released themselves from current commitments and formed Climie Fisher, signing up with EMI.

The album "Everything" came out in 1988, preceded by the single "Love Changes (Everything)". The song flopped, but the duo hit the Top 10 with another track "Rise to the Occasion" before re-releasing "Love Changes (Everything)" which then shot to Number 2.

Climie Fisher - everyone wanted to look like Morten Harket back then.

The song, for which they are most fondly remembered, is still super today, a melancholic and original pop track which is eminently hummable. Further minor hits followed in "This Is Me", "I Won't Bleed For You" and "Love Like A River". In short, Climie Fisher were that rare thing - a late eighties pop group with integrity. So what could go wrong? Er... everything?

Everything. Yesterday.

It has to be said that "Love Changes (Everything)" was such a monumental single, it turned into a bit of an albatross. Second album "Coming In For The Kill" in 1989 failed to spawn any more Top 10 hits, the best being "Facts Of Love" which made number 50. By 1990 "It's Not Supposed To Be That Way" missed the Top 75 and it seemed that it wasn't, in fact, supposed to be that way. Poor Climie Fisher.

The unwanted second album.

Simon Climie had already written songs for Roger Daltrey, Leo Sayer and Jeff Beck before he hit the charts with Climie Fisher. In fact, in the year the band got big, he had penned the monster hit "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)", a number one for Aretha Franklin and George Michael. In 1992, he went solo, releasing an album called "Soul Inspiration", but alas Dame Success was out getting a toasted sandwich and that was that. Climie then turned to writing pop hits for Louise ("Light of My Life" and "Undivided Love") and MN8. Plus "Won't Take It Lying Down" by the Honeyz, a name that will be familiar to regular Music Box readers and lover of washed up women in pop.

On 25 August 1999, Rob Fisher died during surgery for Bowel Cancer - he was just 43.

Fisher, in his studio before he died (obviously).

After Fisher's death, Climie went on to work as Eric Clapton's main collaborator, penning tunes on the rock dinosaur's recent albums "Pilgrim", "Reptile", "Riding with the King" and 2005's "Back Home". He also wrote songs for Heather Small (for shame!), Kelle Bryan (lost!) and "Someday" and "I am Blessed" for Eternal. Hits! Hits! See my...

In 2005, Climie produced the new Lulu album (for even more shame).

Clapton and Bryan. One of these artists probably haggled over the fee.

Obscurely, someone once wrote a song about Climie Fisher! "The Ballad of Climie Fisher" was recorded by Birkenhead rock band "Half Man Half Biscuit".

You can also get the obligatory "Best Of", though apparently for some reason it's quite rare and goes for £25 on Amazon. Typical - probably one of the few worth buying.

That said, a reviewer comments: "This has not aged well, and the artwork looks like it has been done on Paintbrush". Harsh.

Simon Climie's official site:

In case you want him to write you some songs.

Simon Climie - mate of grizzled Rock God Eric Clapton and Kelle Bryan.