Suzi Quatro

Susan Kay Quatro was born on June 3rd, 1950, under the sign of the Cloven Ram. She began her musical career when she persuaded her sister Patti to leave her band Fanny to start The Pleasure Seekers with her. In 1971 she moved to the UK and went solo. Lucky UK!

Quatro's first single "Rolling Stone" flopped everywhere except Portugal, where it was huge (she was the Melanie C of her day). However, second single "Can The Can" in 1973 shot to the top of the charts, quickly pursued by other hits "48 Crash", "Daytona Demon" backed with "Roman Fingers" (everyone remembers that one) and "Devil Gate Drive". The age of the Quatro had begun!

A hit. Yesterday.

By 1975, the popularity of her Glam Rock style was fading and she returned to session work. Despite this, she made a brief return to the charts in 1978 with "If You Can't Give Me Love". Her last big solo hit was in 1981 with "Rock Hard". In 1976 she married guitarist Len Tuckey, who surely missed a trick not running a burger van. He could have called it Len Tuckey's Fried Chicken. In 1992 he got sick of Quat and she married some German concert promoter instead.

She appeared in "Happy Days" as Leather Tuscadero, the younger sister of Fonz's girlfriend. Imaginatively, the character appeared in the show fronting an all-girl rock band. Quatro refused a Leather Tuscadero spin-off showing fearing typecasting, the stupid moose! In 1980 she did a "Minder".

In 1985 she was on the Official Children Need Single "Heroes" (the Bowie song) along with Bronski Beat, Dr. Feelgood and Eddie & the Hot Rods. Lost, lost lost! What a memorable line-up they got that year!

With a friend - the Nerys Hughes Years

She appeared in "Ab Fab", then in 2006 did a voice in the "Bob The Builder" film and appeared in "Rock School". And a "Midsomer Murders".

Her latest album - Oh Muuuuuuum!

In February 2006, "Back To The Drive" was released - a shameless new album. At least it didn't have "Can The Can '06" on it. She also has a weekly Rock N Roll show on Radio 2. In October 2006 she appeared on "Trust Me - I'm A Beauty Therapist", for shame.

Her new single - cover designer's execution not pictured. Alas.

She has a bloody book coming out this summer, "Unzipped" (the original title, "Naked Under Leather", appears to have been ditched - presumably because people didn't want to think about the connotations). Published by Hodder and Stoughton.

Oh look, remasters galore! SHE'S THE SORT.

Oh, and look what we find crawling out from under a stone! "Roman Fingers" is on it.

Pleeeeease buy me!

Suzi and Mike are working on a new album! Whoop!

Suzi, today. For God's sake woman, hold your stomach in!