Jane Wiedlin

Jane Marie Genevieve Wiedlin was born in Wisconsin, USA in 1958 and became the rhythm guitarist for the all-female girlie rock group The Go-Go's. In 1984, she fell out with fellow Go-Go and modern day ageless rock elf Belinda Carlisle when Bel wouldn't let her sing "Beneath the Blue Sky", which Wiedlin had written. Jane grabbed her by the hair and went solo. Rock Stardom surely beckoned.

Jane credits herself as "founding" the Go-Go's, as well as writing all their big hits like "Our Lips Are Sealed", which was inspired by her being porked by one of Fun Boy Three (the mind boggles at what precisely inspired the song title). In fact, her website claims she "changed music history forever" alongside, presumably, inventing penicillin and gravity.

Jane released a self-titled solo debut in 1985, but it barely caused ripples, and the single "Blue Kiss" wasn't a great success. But don't despair! Because Jane later rose to prominence proper in 1988 with the "Fur" album (the title inspired by her rampant animal rights activism) which birthed the Top 20 single "Rush Hour" and its jaunty video with dolphins.

Jane followed up "Rush Hour" with "Inside A Dream", but despite performing it on "Wogan" the single vanished down the plughole of pop.

Despite boasting a Top 20 hit, "Fur" failed to spawn any Top 10 singles, and the album made only #105 in the Billboard Charts.

In 1990 Jane released the follow-up, "Tangled", which had a harder rock edge than "Fur". The single "World On Fire" was played on MTV, but the album never took off. At the end of 1990, Jane's career was dead in the water.

In 1995 she formed a band, froSTed (the unusual name heralding from her love of "Star Trek") but critics simply laughed cruelly in her face. There was nothing else for it but to languish in musical obscurity and become an Icon.

Look at her! ICON!

In the nineties, Jane dawdled around in minor acting roles, voicing a single line in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" and a non-speaking role in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", for shame. In 2000, she appeared in the background of an episode of "Frasier".

She also released a new album, "Kissproof World", in 2000, ten years after the previous one. Jane worked hard not to let the failure of her career affect the feelgood nature of the record, and song titles included "Sooner or Later", "Die Now, Pay Later" and "My Lovely Revenge".

Jane eventually had no choice but to return to the Go-Go's, rapidly patching up her differences with Madam Carlisle. They toured and released an album "God Bless The Go-Go's", their first recorded output in 17 years.

In 2005 she revealed she was a keen member of the Fetish community, with an interest in handcuffs and ropes.

Jane often hosts sleepovers for her gal pals

She announced recently that she would produce Paris Hilton's debut album because "[she's] not bad at singing... for an amateur". Hilton, to the shock of everyone, didn't jump at the offer after catching wind of Jane's wise old words. Jane's laptop was stolen in 2006, containing 20 brand new songs which she hadn't backed up, the silly moo.

Jane still updates her website, and keeps an intriguing on-line diary in which she talks about going on holiday in Mexico and her dead dog, Roy.

What Can I Get Hold Of?

The "Fur" CD is very rare and goes for £25 and upwards on Ebay. Luckily, we found our copy in a charity shop!



Jane today, considering a career in the army as an alternative to music