Christmas is almost upon us for the third year in a row and Karfel Enterprises are proud to announce the exclusive launch of their highly collectable 2005 Gifts Catalogue

Do you pine for the days when Doctor Who DVD covers were rubbish? Do you look at your DVD shelf and moan about how the good covers and the bad covers don't match? Would you be able to sleep better at night if all your shiny discs were wrapped in bland, dull, awful covers?

Help is at hand as Karfel Enterprises announce the launch of their exclusive and highly collectable alternative DVD covers. Each cover has been lovingly produced to match the style adopted for the first few releases and will ensure that your treasured DVDs achieve a level of homogeneity that you have only been able to dream of.

Each cover is only £9.99 (plus P&P) for the standard version or only £14.99 for the deluxe edition. Karfel Enterprise guarantees that the deluxe edition will not be signed by anyone and will, therefore, be completely unspoilt. The standard edition may bear a celebrity signature.

Or you can buy a complete set of the first four exclusive covers - in the deluxe format - for only £59.99 (plus P&P).

Now available!

DVD covers - series 2

Following the outstanding success of Series 1 of Karfel Enterprises exclusive and highly collectable alternative DVD covers, Karfel Enterprises is pleased to announce Series 2. Four more beautiful and extremely authentic initial-generation DVD covers have been released for you to enjoy.

If you wish to collect the entire range of DVD covers (both Series 1 and Series 2) then Karfel Enterprises' latest special offer is for you. Simply buy six covers at the standard price and you can then choose three more covers AND ONLY PAY FOR TWO OF THEM! This offer is strictly time-limited so act now to avoid disappointment.

Now available!

DVD covers - Series 3

We've listened to you - the fan-based customers - and based on an overwhelming reaction to Series A and Series B of exclusive and highly collectable DVD covers, we are proud to announce the world premiere of Series C. Each of these heirloom quality jackets comes ready to frame or put in a DVD box in your display cabinet (see Karfelkea catalogue, page 40 for some excellent value collectors cabinets).

Special offer - buy all 12 DVD covers and receive a free copy of the Karfelkea catalogue signed by Nicholas Courtney (subject to commitments).

Now available!

DVD covers - Series IV

What better way to celebrate the growth of your DVD collection than with the limited edition Series IV of Karfel Enterprises "Classic Design Disc Jackets"? Go back in time with these high quality inlay cards - each is ready for framing and comes with a full money back guarantee*. Each full colour collectable wrap is only £9.99 ("Lost in Time" is £14.99 owing to it being a three-disc release) and the complete Series IV Collection can be yours for only £59.99 plus P&P. The complete collection is presented in a beautiful display envelope and you may wish to consider purchasing two - one to open and one to keep perfect for your brother or sister's grandchildren.

*Monies will only be refunded if the items are are cancelled prior to order confirmation. Orders which are completed, dispatched, delivered or damaged are not eligible for reimbursement.

Now available!

DVD covers - Series Five

The fifth series of exclusive, highly collectable digital versatile disc adornments is now available, exclusively from Karfel Enterprises. This fifth collection brings you closer than ever to your dream of a complete set of matching box jackets and dose so with heirloom quality. Each sleeve is only £10.99 plus P&P or you can purchase all five albums for just £210.89 plus P&P. Order now to avoid disappointment.

Stop Press - it is with regret that Karfel Enterprises announce the cancellation of their exclusive and highly collectable alternative DVD cover range. All orders for seasons one to five will be honoured (and cannot be cancelled for technical reasons) but all future collections have been placed on indefinite hiatus. We trust this will not spoil your enjoyment of the "Complete Alternative DVD Cover Collection".