Founded in 1981 by its founder Minnie Damoocher, The Waterhouse Appreciation Trust exists to celebrate the unique talents of Matthew Clarence Waterhouse. It is a non-profit making organisation owing to it only having one member. This is why I've chosen to go on the internet and drum up a bit of support to stop the monthly meetings being quite so lonely. Over the coming months I will prove to you that Matthew Waterhouse's glittering career is worth celebrating and it's only jealousy from all of you no good nobodies which stops you from loving Matthew the way I love Matthew.

Minnie Damoocher (TWAT President, founder, club secretary and treasurer)


This is a copy of the portrait of Matthew which greets visitors to my home. It was painted by local artist Dicken Balls and shows the lovably innocent loveliness of Matthew. It makes me moist every time I come into the house. It is my dearest wish that one day it will be Matthew himself who comes through my front door.


This is the autograph Matthew sent me when I sent a letter to his house explaining what TWAT is all about. He wrote a lovely letter back thanking me for the underwear and the stuffed replica of his head (stuffed with my own hair as I made clear in my letter). I hope Matthew visits this site regularly as I've got ever so many photos of him going about his daily business and they will no doubt bring back memories for him.