Doctor Who 2005 - the New Series

There is a rumour that the reason the BBC website dropped its Doctor Who message boards is that the New Series board was filled with so many lies, arguments, trolls and other garbage that the whole forum had to be put down as a mercy killing. It was impossible to properly moderate and cheaper to close down than hire more staff. The focus for debate is now solely Outpost Gallifrey and their New Series section is positively drenched with absurdity. OG of course has the benefit of volunteer moderators – an option denied to the Beeb for no doubt complicated reasons. So, without naming names and in a spirit of fairly good natured mocking, I give you the A to Z of the dumbest, strangest and most incomprehensible first posts in the forum. To quality, a post must be the start of a new thread and has not been edited to remove any obvious signs of it being a joke (smilies, winking faces etc).


A is for Airdate

Airdate - Anyone not want to know?

Yes – someone has taken the ‘avoiding spoilers’ idea to its logical conclusion and decided he doesn’t even want to know when the series is starting.


B is for Baby

When is the right time to start sitting my baby in front of Doctor Who and beginning the process of indoctrination? Should I start with the first episode (if it hasn't already been shown) or should I wait until the fifth or sixth episode? Or should I show it some of the old episodes on video first?


C is for Certification

12 or 15 for DVD?


D is for Dalek

Is the new GOLD Dalek camp?


E is for Elections

Well, I mean half way though the New Series, will the show be taken off air while the Labour loving BBC wet there pants over General Election coverage???


F is for Fanwank

Should the Daleks and Cybermen finally make a team up in 1 or 2 episodes? I would love if this happened, as it would be fascinating and exciting to see the doctors 2 greatest enemies teaming up against him. They could pose a much greater threat together, with the Daleks brains and the Cybermens brawn, than they would seperately in my opinion.


G is for Groups of like minded people

Will any of you here be getting together as a group to watch the first episode of Doctor Who in March. I remember after the hiatuses way back in 1985 there were many fans that got together to celebrate doctor who’s return and I personally would like to do something specially like that in march. I know that for me it will be a very emotional day my hart will be in my mouth. It would be nice to share that day with others.


H is for Hair

Should Eccleston's Hair become more "friendly" in season 2?


I is for Idents

Which BBC1 ident should be seen before the first episode?


J is for Joining in with the telly

What should the 9th Doctor's catchphrase be?


K is for Keys

Will the key used for the TARDIS next year be the Gallifreyan one used during Pertwee and T. Baker's Era and the McGann TVM? I, myself, would like to see the Gallifrey key being used. It was nice to see it being actually used for Enemy Within (TVM).


L is for Legislation

Since the FOI legislation came into force on 1st January, and the BBC is a public body (publicly-owned corporation), journalists and indeed the public are now free to get ALL details of the new series and even original documentation. Anyone tried it?


M is for Materialisation

What will the TARDIS look like when it materializes. Will it simply fade in and out or maybe it will look like something from the TVM or perhaps something new. Any ideas?


N is for No idea – that’s why they’re called ‘surprises’

We've seen the Doc and Rose, we know the Daleks and Autons are back, we've seen the Tardis, the logo and many additional cast. We've seen the new Daleks (If you believe today's Mirror!).

So, apart from actual storylines, what revealing surprises are left?


O is for Officer (singular)

You know how the new Tardis sign now says Officer and Cars not Officers and Cars?


P is for Petition

I don't know about everyone else, but I hate the notion of 45 minute episodes, and I'm dismayed the new series is going to be in that format. So, I've set up a petition. It may be too late to "save" the first season of the new series, but hopefully I can get enough signatures for the following season or whatever.


Q is for Quite probably

Am I The Only 1 who is scared they will die before the new series starts?


R is for Rooms that no one has seen before

What new rooms are we going to see inside the TARDIS in the new series?


S is for Screwdrivers (of a sonic variety)

Should the sonic screwdriver return in new series?


T is for Tribute

I think I'd like to see a credit saying "Dedicated to William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee" (And Tom Baker if he decides to drop off the twig before the screening date.)


U is for Ululation

Just wondering what the general feeling is amongst you guys if Billie releases another album while appearing in the series? Would it bother you, or couldn't you care less?


V is for Very precise

Is it actually 45 minute episodes? Or 50 Has this been confirmed? The BBC usually make hour long drama as 50 minutes. I just wondered if they were actually sticking to a 45 minute thing. I mean a series like Deadwood has varying lengths from week to week. 48 minutes one week and 52 the next, I've noticed.


W is for Whatever you enjoy

With everyone so looking forward to the new series, especially the first episode, what will you do as the the credits roll?

I know most people will be watching the new documentary on BBC Three, but what will you do after that?

I myself will be taping the documentary on 'tape 2', whilst rewinding 'tape1' and watching Rose all over again, immediately.

Then i'll watch the documentary i've just recorded on 'tape 2'.


X is for X-rated

Things we hope not to see in the new series

Lets get the obvious ones out the way.
1.The Doctor gunning down his enemies in a Rambo fashion.
2. Chasing a naked Rose Tyler round the console room offering her a look at his sonic screwdriver.


Y is for You have to read between the lines

I only come here from time to time, but as a long time Doctor Who fan, I have to say that I am utterly appalled that any of you actually like anything about this show! The whole thing seems like a complete bastardization of what Doctor Who is. I get the impression that this is like that Battlestar Galactica thing on Sci-Fi. The names are used, but the whole thing is completely cocked up. Actually, it's just plain awful. That's what I see here. The whole thing seems awful. I'm surprised that I seem to be the only old time fan that has a problem it. What gives?


Z is for Zed – the last entry in an alphabetical list

When the credits roll at the end of 'Rose', what do you want to see?

Doctor Who
Christopher Eccleston


The Doctor
Christopher Eccleston