03/10 In a Time of Ancient Gods... a Land in Turmoil Cried Out For a Hero
09/09 Why I Love NetVibes
01/08 The Adventures of the Pink Panther – the 1960s
15/07 The Top Selling VHS Tapes in Britain
07/07 The IMDb Movie Key Words Quiz
17/06 Ten Years of Computers - Part Six - 2003
20/05 Ten Years of Computers - Part Five - 2002
12/05 V+ : A Nerd's Review
18/04 Man Utd vs Watford - The Alternative Commentary
07/04 Ten Years of Computers - Part Four - 2001
28/03 Ten Years of Computers - Part Three - 2000
21/03 Ten Years of Computers - Part Two - 1999
18/03 Ten Years of Computers - Part One - 1998
28/02 Rumours of Death - The Cassette is Not Dead
18/02 E-Petitions in Action
11/02 A Dozen Really Expensive Books
15/10 Third Anniversary Thoughts
07/10 Now That's What I Call Album Covers... From Hell... 4
01/10 Can Anyone Beat Chuck Liddell?
10/09 Now That's What I Call Album Covers... From Hell... 3
07/09 Now That's What I Call Album Covers... From Hell... 2
17/07 Now That's What I Call Album Covers... From Hell
06/07 The Return of BBFC-Approved Porn and the People Who Buy It
09/04 The City in Shakespeare Country
17/01 The Time Meddler
24/12 Round the Horne (Revisited)
20/11 Children (and message board users) in Need
12/10 Anniversary II - Raw Thoughts
13/08 The Whipping Heard Around the World
20/07 DVD - The Next Generation
05/06 The Look-a-likes
08/05 The Harsher Side of ebay
24/04 Ebay Classics - Golden Palace
10/04 Safar-e-bay IV - I've Started so I'll Finish
02/04 What if the Pope had died a bit earlier - the (faked) Reactions
31/03 Eccleston - The Reactions
30/03 Supper With the Stars
26/03 More From the "New Series" Forum
25/03 Safar-e-bay III - the Search for Schlock
06/03 Are You Down With the 'Loading?
27/02 Safar-e-bay - Same game, New name
20/02 The ebay Rambling Game
16/01 The A to Z of questions the fans have about the New Series
04/01 Ian Levine vs the World II
01/01 There really are Dennis Brents in the world
24/12 "...as you do"
31/10 Disc Five - Definitive Versatile Discs
20/10 Vous ne pas les bosch?
16/10 Do you get an interest in genetics from your mother's side or your father's side?
12/10 No candles, no interviews
11/10 Disc Four - Digital Versatile Dreams
08/10 Disc Three - Digital Versatile Hopes
05/10 Disc Two - Digital Versatile Opinion
02/10 Disc One - Digital Versatile Introduction
17/09 Here are ten genuine facts about thevervoid.com
14/09 The Eccentrics: Number Two - Jon
11/09 It Was a Tuesday Afternoon
28/08 Exciting Adventures in Time and Publishing
27/08 "The more you put things together, the more they fall apart..."
17/08 The Eccentrics: Number One - S.R.C.
10/08 Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting…
29/07 Moi Dah Owt in Burmingum
26/07 Something else to worry about
19/07 Greedy pop stars and avaricious execs  [updated 20/07]
15/07 Four men who make you feel better about yourself
11/07 Gormenghast 
10/07 When you have read this article don't forget to leave feedback
05/07 He's good but he's not Holmes 
04/07 "I heard them over... over... over... talking"
28/06 I'm Dreamin' on a Lamp Post at the Corner of the Street...
25/06 It's Time to Play the Game
21/06 Me and My Shopping 
31/05 It's amazing what you can find on the internet
25/05 "The Abergavenny Murder"
12/05 The most fun person I ever worked with 
06/05 An Inspiration of Geniuses 
04/05 An apology about a sketch and a sketch for which I apologise
01/05 "Sexy I Nothing Like I Better To Do - Lesbians in Cyberspace"
19/04 Susan Elizabeth Perkins [updated 21/04]
18/04 I mustn’t write about the Mutants, I couldn’t even if I wanted to 
11/04 "A variety of women in a number of situations"
06/04 My All TV Top Ten - Number 8 
03/04 What is this 'happiness' of which you speak? 
02/04 The Golden Age of Grotesque
28/03 Katy III - Return of the Pervs
22/03 a colm abowt fonetic ritin vs ilitrusy
21/03 Why do they do it? An essay about biros and the decline or morality
18/03 A return to the sticky Katy Hill message board 
14/03 My All TV Top Ten - Number 9 
13/03 Moonbase Alpha status report
09/03 A Great Conspiracy Theory 
08/03 My All TV Top Ten - Number 10
07/03 You know what makes me most embarrassed to be a Doctor Who fan?
04/03 My Favourite Documentary
02/03 Gap Filling and the Minefield of Second Hand Videos  
28/02 Close Encounters of the Waterstones Kind 
27/02 Going Back... 
23/02 Close Encounters of the Celebrity Kind
18/02 The biggest show on Earth
17/02 “I tell you what, Brian, I love the colour of their shirts” 
15/02 The Name of the Pain 
13/02 A Friday Hotch Potch
08/02 Today in history - 8th February
05/02 How much??? 
02/02 The power of your brain... yes - YOUR brain... 
31/01 My first week
28/01 The Kindest Cut of All
26/01 I Am a Moron {or "How Not To Start Your New Job!"} 
25/01 Ten Days in Royston Vasey (part one) 
24/01 Have I betrayed my people?
22/01 Katy Hill often used toilet roll holders on BP but meet them men who used the toilet roll
20/01 "Daredevil" - a poor quality film review  
19/01 A Special Anniversary
18/01 A Sunday morning blog 
18/01 The Boy... a poor quality slash fanfic spoof
17/01 Paul Temple and the Vervoid Affair
16/01 “I don’t want to provide food for a flesh eating tentacle”
13/01 Just Another... Monday
06/01 I Have a Dream...
03/01 You can tell a lot about a person from their choice of calendars 
30/12 New Year's Eve in Japan
28/12 A Very Peculiar Practice  
24/12 "A Very Gerald Christmas" (a festive short story)
18/12 How many beans make five?
12/12 Eight hundred melancholic words
09/12 “Well I wouldn’t suck it. Ha ha ha…” 
08/12 Yet another in my short series of "Jam" inspired conceits 
05/12 The Road to Redundancy - part 3  
02/12 Goody Goody Yum Yum 
29/11 Hell is a doctor's waiting room 
26/11 A bit of a lefty rant 
25/11 Run for your lives - it's Danny Baker... 
23/11 Doctor Who – a Forty Year Journey in Twenty Five Years   

What better way to celebrate Dr Who's 40th Anniversary than by celebrating its greatest ever story?

19/11 The 30 Best Movies of all time...


Random Tuesday
17/11 Who watches the Watch Dog?
16/11 Los Lobos and the camp haired glam guards
15/11 Some people think “reflex” is the second round of a bodybuilding contest
14/11 Isn’t it ironic?
13/11 I love coffee creams and four other reasons why I’m a mutant freak
12/11 You couldn’t see the join
11/11 Never let success get to your conscience...
10/11 Those of you with your own websites will know how addictive webstats are...
9/11 The Wedding Car sketch...
8/11 I did a bad thing last night…  
7/11 British politics and American wrestling are more similar than people think
6/11 Great expectations
5/11 An idiot’s guide to antidepressants
4/11 A little bit of irrational hatred never hurt anyone
3/11 Coming clean about soaps
2/11 Sacked twice in one day. I feel so proud...
1/11 The most controversial column I've ever written...
31/10 Some thoughts on Halloween by a soft and slightly flaccid Pagan
30/10 Ask me to name the cast of Doctor in the House and I could do it without pausing for breath...
28/10 The size and shape of a small pocket calculator, smoother than silk and more intuitive to operate than a penis...
22/10 I am compelled to cheerily greet whichever weasel happens to have dialled my direct line at any given moment...
19/10 I decided to stop being a thinly read baboon and aim for the logical heights of fifty two books in one year...

The reality is that there are more websites than there are people...


So I’m sitting in a really boring meeting and a sketch comes to me, perfectly formed, in one solid mental lump....