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The Vervoid started life as a Doctor Who website but quickly grew beyond all expectations when people who like Doctor Who started writing about all the other things like liked too. Cult television, classic movies, not so classic movies, half-forgotten pop stars and even real life. There are now over 3,500 things to look at from more than forty contributors. The site is updated a couple of times a week and has an open submissions policy for anyone interested.

Latest update (14th October 2007)

Just added... (14th) Si Hunt looks back on Daphne and Celeste... Rob McCow reads Once Upon a Time Lord... Flash Gordon mucks about on Mars... is Randy Couture the greatest of all time?... two new TV reviews... and the proposed ban on pen tops... (11th) Vengeance on Varos... Department S investigate a plastic fish stuffed with cash... He-Man battles evil... so does Xena... nearly 46 new searches... and Christmas is here already...

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